Are you interested in learning Kalenjin? Oracle Language Centre offers Kalenjin classes in Nairobi Kenya physically or online for either group or private students. We will help you to be able to fully understand and communicate as per your needs. Our classes are from beginners to advanced levels. Kalenjin translates roughly as "I tell you."

The Kalenjin people are an ethnic grouping of eight culturally and linguistically related groups or "tribes": the They have been divided into 11 culturally and linguistically related tribes: Kipsigis, NandiSebei, KeiyoMarakwetSabaotPokotsTugenTerikSengwer and Ogiek.

Their present-day homeland is Kenya's western highlands and the Rift Valley. They are spread across Nandi, Uasin gishu, Kericho, Bomet, Elgeyo-Marakwet, Baringo, Trans nzoia, Laikipia and Pokot

These speakers are distributed in different counties in Kenya with many of them concentrated in the former Rift Valley province.

Kalenjin Language Classes

According to archaeology and linguistics that goes back many centuries, the history of the Kalenjin people is deeply interwoven with those of their neighboring communities as well as with the histories of KenyaUgandaTanzaniaSouth Sudan, and Ethiopia.

The Kalenjin have been called by some "the running tribe." Since the mid-1960s, Kenyan men have earned the largest share of major honours in international athleticsat distances from 800 meters to the marathon; the vast majority of these Kenyan running stars have been Kalenjin.

Traditional Kalenjin religion is based upon the belief in a supreme god, Asis or Cheptalel, who is represented in the form of the sun, although this is not God himself. Beneath Asis is Elat, who controls thunder and lightning. Spirits of the dead, oyik, are believed to intervene in the affairs of humans, and can be placated with sacrifices of meat and/or beer, called koros.

Diviners, called orkoik, have magical powers and assist in appeals for rain or to end floods.

Today, nearly everyone claims membership in an organized religion—either Christianity or Islam.

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