Are you looking for an institution for Gikuyu language classes in Nairobi Kenya? Are you interested in Gikuyu lessons to help you understand and speak Gikuyu language fluently? At Oracle Language Centre we offer Gikuyu lessons both physical or online for distance learning students at affordable cost. The classes can be either private or grouped depending on your preferences. 

Gikuyu/Kikuyu is one of the most popular and wide spoken vernecular language in Kenya. Kikuyu tribe boasts of having the highest population in Kenya, most of which are in the business sector. Therefore learning Gikuyu langauge will be helpful as you will come into contact with Gikuyu speakers all accross Kenya. 

Our Gikuyu language lessons target both children and adults, Kenyan or foreigners. Our Gikuyu language lessons are designed for all, from beginners to advanced learners.

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