Oracle Language Centre is the number one choice if you want to focus on learning chinese. Our expert teachers are specialists in their field and have designed each course to suit a variety of students at any level.

From beginners all the way to advanced study, you can find a course that suits your level of understanding. You also have the option of choosing your class type. If learning in a group is your preferred environment, we offer group courses that you can join. Or, if private instruction is how you prefer to learn, you can choose tailored one-to-one sessions. 

To deliver the best learning experience, Oracle Language Centre handpicks top teachers. Not only academically competent, our teachers also have extensive industrial experience, successful track records, and perfect fluency in Chinese.


Our one-to-one course allows you to really dig deep into your chinese lessonss. It is friendly, intense and goal-oriented, perfect for individuals who prefer a bespoke learning experience. We will pair you with the most suitable tutors.Learning is teamwork, and the best match leads to the best results.


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